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Training Centers/Clubs -IYC

The Yoga Training Centers/Clubs - Accreditation and Development

International Yoga Committee-IYC's mission is to unite and support, sustain and maintain a network of high quality Training Centers/Clubs , hereby contributing to a strong and well organised Training Centers/Clubs as a Movement. The Training Centers/Clubs Recognition and Relations Department helps to carry out this mission by overseeing the recognition and development process in each level for Training Centers/Clubs as well as supporting their activities, promoting collaboration and knowledge sharing among members and protecting their common interests.

The Training Centers/Clubs Accrediation and Membership can leverage the instant credibility afforded by the IYC Global Brand by using the Training Centers/Clubs logo on their websites, in email communications and on stationary items. They can also display their membership certificate to let clients know they are members of Training Centers/Clubs of IYC's Membership Department. And Additionally, the IYC will displayed Your Training Centers/Clubs Logo, Your Training Centers/Clubs Name, Name/Position of Key Person, Full Address and URL on our Website, the IYC is a great way to help your Training Centers/Clubs amongst global business community, sports associations, players, coaches, Umpires, schools, colleges, universities, sponsors, sports industry/supplier, corporates and friends to recognize your Training Centers/Clubs Worldwide as Brand, which reflects several social and commercial opportunities and global recognition and expansion of your business etc.,. (Make sure that your Logo image meets the following specifications: Supported Image File Types: jpg, gif, png. jpeg. Dimensions: 100 x 120 (h x w) px Maximum allowed file size: 500 KB).

By participating in these programs, you will be helping to support Yoga as Sport Worldwide under this Training Centers/Clubs International programming at no additional cost to yourself.

The Training Centers/Clubs accreditation and membership process is open to all Training Centers/Club's community that are running Training Centers/Clubs in any country of the World.

Eligibility to become Member of IYC Training Centers/Clubs :

Those Training Centers/Clubs have organised the above standard any yoga as Sport's Event in their country, they are eligibile to get registered membership in the IYC.

How to get membership:

Training Centers/Clubs has to submit the following documents;

  • Hisroty of Training Centers/Clubs (information in detailed)

  • Invitation/Official Letters (photocopies of all invitation letters)

  • Certificate of recognition from Government (photocopies attested by the local authority)

  • List of Sports Events organised in the Training Centers/Clubs

  • Photographs (which identify the events organised in the Training Centers/Clubs )

  • Membership Fee (Member has to pay annual fee)

Note: These Application Form/Documents can be sent to : E-mail

You can view Social Organization Members List; Click Here
The INOC has recognized Yoga as Non-Olympic sports discipline.