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"The International Yoga Committee-IYC and Its Sport "Yoga" is Accreditated and Permanent Affiliation by these International agencies"

YOGA is Sport of Non-Olympic

International Non-Olympic Committee - INOC
has issued Permanent Affiliation as IYC -
Yoga is owned Sport of INOC

International Nobel Peace Recommendation Forum - INPPRF
has issued Partnership with IYC - Yoga.

United Nations has declared Yoga as International Yoga Day on 21 June

Recognised By Other World Leaders ;

The International Yoga Committee-IYC's (Sport Yoga) new endeavor has been appreciated by the leaders of the World, H.E. Permanent Mission To the United Nations of the Canada etc., several leaders have sent best wishes for grand. success of new Sport as Yoga approach to the new World. You can view few comments; Click Here ;

The INOC has recognized Yoga as Non-Olympic sports discipline.