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Observer Members -IYC

The International Yoga Committee - IYC shall appoint Observer Members amongst Hon'ble Minister, H.E. Governor, H.E. Ambassador, H.E. Consulate General H.E. UN Officials, H.E. AMERICA Officials / Agencies, H.E. EU Officials, H.E. AU Officials, H.E. OIC Officials H.E. ASEAN Officials / Agencies, H.E. SAARC Agencies etc., H.E. BRICS and other Regional Governments, Top Corporates Sector from each country of the World.

Observer Members of IYC


a) Hon'ble Ministers from each country of the World.

b) H.E. Governor from each country of the World.

c) H.E.Ambassadors/Consulate General from each country of the World.

d) H.E.Ambassadors/Consulate General of Indian Mission from each country of the World.

e) H.E. UN, AMERICA, OIC, EU AU & SAARC, ASEAN & BRICS etc., Agencies Representatives.

Information/Documents to be furnished:

1) A letter of acceptance from designated office.

2) Observer Member's name, Contact Details, including, Tel, fax, E-mail, Mobiles

Note: These Application Form/Documents can be sent to : E-mail

The annual subscription for the Observer Members shall be Free or as determined by the President/Executive Committee from time to time.

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The INOC has recognized Yoga as Non-Olympic sports discipline.