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IYC Goodwill Ambassadors

The International Yoga Committee (IYC) is the first mega organization who is appointing Goodwill Ambassador (GA) in each country of the world and the GA would further choose upto 10 to 20 personalities as Goodwill Ambassadors (GAs) from the following areas (a). Extra Ordinary achievement in the Education fields-men or women? (b.) A top businessman/Industrialist-men or women? (c.) A top political personality-men or women? (d.) A top NGO head-men or women? (e.) A top Sports Person-men or women?

The eligible candidate can Apply for "Goodwill Ambassador" which would be appointed over 242 GAs in each country of the World.

Interested personalities can send (he/she) their CV to General Secretary International Yoga Committee - IYC on the following e-mail : [email protected] .

You can view Goodwill Ambassador List; Click Here

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The INOC has recognized Yoga as Non-Olympic sports discipline.