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Individual/Faculty -IYC

Individual/Faculty Accrediation and Membership of IYC - ( Yoga Practitioners, Yoga Guru, Yoga Teachers, Yoga Therapists, Healthcare Practitioners etc.,

International Yoga Committee-IYC's mission is to unite and support, sustain and maintain a network of high quality Individual/Faculty, hereby contributing to a strong and well organised Individual/Faculty as a Movement. The Individual's Recognition and Relations Department helps to carry out this mission by overseeing the recognition and development process in each level for Individual/Faculty as well as supporting their activities, promoting possible collaboration and knowledge sharing among members and protecting their common interests.

The Individual/Faculty Accrediation and Membership can leverage the instant credibility afforded by the IYC Global Brand by using the Individual IYC logo on their websites, in email communications and on stationary items. They can also show their identity card and display their membership certificate to let peoples know they are members of Individual of IYC's Membership Department. And Additionally, the IYC will displayed Your Pic, Your Name, Sport Name/Certification Grade, Full Address and if Any URL on our Website, the IYC is a great way to help your Individual/Faculty amongst global business community, sports associations, sports players/athletes, coaches, Umpires, schools, colleges, universities, sponsors, sports industry/supplier, corporates and friends to recognize your Individual/Faculty contribution and winning titles Worldwide as Brand, which reflects several social and commercial opportunities and global recognition and expansion of your social, commercial and sporting career. (Make sure that your Pic image meets the following specifications: Supported Image File Types: jpg, gif, png. jpeg. Dimensions: 100 x 120 (h x w) px Maximum allowed file size: 500 KB)

By participating in these programs, you will be helping to support Yoga as Sport Worldwide under this Individual/Faculty International programming at no additional cost to yourself.

The Individual/Faculty accreditation and membership process is open to all Individual's community that are living in any country of the World.

Eligibility to become Member of IYC Individual :

Those who have represented their country/state/province/district for any yoga and yoga field and Event in any level, those are eligibile to get registered membership in the IYC.

How to get membership:

Coach has to submit the following documents;

  • Bio-data of the Applicant (information in detailed)

  • Invitation/Official Letters (Photocopies of all invitation letters)

  • Certificate of participation in the yoga etc., event (photocopy attested by the local authority)

  • Testimonials

  • Photographs (which identify the participation the event)

  • Membership Fee (Member has to pay annual fee)

Note: These Application Form/Documents can be sent to : E-mail

You can view Social Organization Members List; Click Here

Here you can "PAY-ONLINE" now :

Membership Benefits

Individual/Faculty Accreditation Members will be recognised Internationally/ Nationally/ State/Province level by all IYC affiliated organizations and Family.

Individual/Faculty Accreditation Members are eligible to organise IYC Own Sports event in their Sports Club, they will be given preference for Non-Olympic Own Sports Event as their standard.

Individual/Faculty Accreditation Members are eligible to organise INOU University’s Courses in their Individual/Faculty Accreditation, they will be given preference for INOU University Own Courses as their standard.

Online display of your good work in our Social Media and may Showcase website sections.

Individual/Faculty Accreditation Members will be respectable in all program of the Individual/Faculty Accreditation International programs.

The network of Individual/Faculty Accreditation Members worldwide is now accessible via the IYC website in Information on members around the world is at your fingertips.

Individual/Faculty Accreditation Members are welcome at all meetings around the world. Wherever you travel, you can access a network of Individual/Faculty Accreditation Members, friends and colleagues.

Save where you shop :

Individual/Faculty Accreditation members can take advantage of all promotional offers, generous discounts on goods and services from our valued partners, great local and national, global companies. A complete list of affiliates and their discounts can be found on our 'Online Purchase-Sports Goods' of INOC Website.

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Continued Membership Benefits :

Individual/Faculty Accreditation Savings :

Sponsorship and Visibility :

Worldwide Friendship Networking :

Online Learning :

Knowledge - Research :

Volunteer Opportunities :

Career Centre :

Monetary Support :

The INOC has recognized Yoga as Non-Olympic sports discipline.


Headquarter Global (India) :

Email Connect :

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