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International Yoga Committee IYC Souvenir 2017 is launched by President IYC at Lucknow, India Lucknow, India, 21st June 2017, The International Yoga Committee IYC Souvenir 2017 is launched by President- IYC Dr. Mohammad Seraj ANSARI, and Executive Members of IYC Col. Anil Avasthi and Mr. Ruved Kamal Kidwai at Gomti Nagar, Lucknow, India, Mr. Anshuman Sub Editor of IYC Souvenir was also present at the function.
The IYC Souvenir has been released to celebrate as Golden Year 2017 for the inclusion and recognition of Yoga as Sport into Non-Olympic Sports Disciplines by International Non-Olympic Committee INOC and another achievement that Yoga has been declared & designed as "Yoga is Mother of All Sports' by Dr. Mohammad Seraj ANSARI. President of International Yoga Committee-IYC. (
The IYC Souvenir 2017 includes many dozens of Congratulating/Best Wishes Messages from H.E. Prime Ministers, Hon'ble Central Ministers, H.E. Governors, Chief Ministers, State Sports Ministers, United Nations, UN Ambassadors, International Organizations , Pratanjali Yogapeeth Trust, & dignitaries of the India & other World.
The President of International Yoga Committee IYC has expressed that Yoga as Sport now spread in the world in each schools and colleges and universities, and each home as regular sport, and thousands of thousands events would be happened in each day in all corner of the world due to yoga has became Sport, and Yoga also declared and designed "YOGA is Mother of All Sports which provides world class "asanas as exercise for individual sport of the world, which gives individual Sports more power and sharpness to each sports of the World. The IYC will sign MOU with many individual sports to provide this services as certified by Yoga Is Mother of All Sports.
The President of IYC thanks to Hon'ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji for his efforts to global governmental recognition and also thanks to Swami Baba Ramdev ji who has made Yoga as brand globally. You can download Press Releases, please Click Here

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Jagadguru Sri Swami Dikshananda appointed as Italy brand ambassador : The International Yoga Committee-IYC announced Jagadguru Sri Swami Dikshananda as the goodwill ambassador. He holds Bionaturopathy studies (DBN) ayurveda the Amiuniversithy operator, He practiced the monks Shaolin Kunf, the temple of Vicenza of the old Master practicing (Tai Chi - Tao Yoga ) Teacher Della Vecchia. Yoga Master at University Milan. The new secretary General (IGO) INTER - GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATION called WORF - whose purposes are for the freedom of religions an spiritual Moviments in the world and Spiritual Movements in the world, and for Inter Religiousness. He holds courses in esychasm of ortodox monks in Rome by the parent association the Fhater Gian Vittorio Cappelletto. President of the International Association named : "Sri Swami Dikshananda" Affiliated CSEN. Arci Natura Cultural Association Of Orient-Occidental : Yoga - Discipline Bio Natural (DBN) and Ayurvedic. Having a brand ambassador like him will boost our morale, please visit at

Swami Shuddhatmananda appointed as New Zealand brand ambassador : The International Yoga Committee-IYC announced Swami Shuddhatmananda as the goodwill ambassador. He have been teaching yoga and meditation from last 30 years and he have dedicated for this full time. He work as a meditation instructor under Ananda Marga, socio-spiritual international organization. He have been working here from last 7 years in New Zealand. Before that he had worked 15 years in North America and Central America .Having a brand ambassador like him will boost our morale, please visit at

1ST NATIONAL YOGA DEVELOPMENT SEMINAR-2017 : National Yoga Federation of India and Yoga Association of Tamilnadu jointly organized 1st National Yoga Development Seminar-2017 at Brilliant School Campus, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India on 19th Feb-2017, where south India Secretaries of the country has participated in the above seminar, this seminar and camp has great purpose to produce maximum Yoga Referees and provide training to players.

1st National Yoga Development Seminar-2017 inaugural function, function inaugurated by the Dr.Thiyagu Nagaraj,National Secretary-NYFI, Special guest was Mr. M.Mohana Kumar(Kerala Secretary), Mr.Santhoshkumar (Tamilnadu Secretary), Mr.M.A.Bhaskar (Andhar Pradesh Secretary) and Mrs. Pratheeba (Karnataka Secretary) have participated and , please visit at

Dr. Daniela Laudani appointed as Italy brand ambassador : The International Yoga Committee-IYC announced Dr. Daniela Laudani as the goodwill brand ambassador. She discovered yoga when she was 18 years old in Catania (Sicily - Italy), and from that moment, yoga has accompanied me throughout my life. She lived abroad a long time, she worked at the Italian Cultural Institute in Bratislava, Slovak Republic where she had the opportunity to work in an international team to organize several projects and conferences. The international environment and the frequent travel trip made me able to practice different stiles with different teachers. she have worked closely with the East Europe (Czech, Slovak, Polish, Hungarian) Universities and Educational Institutions. After my return to Italy she started travelling abroad and to India developing a deeper knowledge of Indian culture and arts. Having a brand ambassador like her will boost our morale, please visit at

BREAKING NEWS : The International Non-Olympic Committee (INOC) has recognized "Yoga" as Non-Olympic sports discipline and its International governing body i.e. International Yoga Committee-IYC, which is going to begin on 21st June 2016 day of International Yoga Day declared by United Nf ations General Assembly on 11 December 2014 proposed by Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi and Shri Baba Ramdev has given real shape of "YOGA" and its popularity Internationally and International Yoga Committee-IYC and has been registered under Indian Law established and managed by International Non-Olympic Committee-INOC with full of it's legal control and administration on IYC and Dr. Mohammad Seraj ANSARI has taken charge as President & Dr.Thiyagu Nagaraj General Secretary (for more information about yoga non-olympic sport, please visit at

Yoga is a physical, mental, and spiritual practice or discipline which originated in India. Yoga gurus from India later introduced yoga to the west, following the success of Swami Vivekananda in the late 19th and early 20th century. In the 1980s, yoga became popular as a system of physical exercise across the world. Yoga in Indian traditions, however, is more than physical exercise; it has a asanas, meditative and spiritual core. IYC with the main aims to popularize the Non-Olympic Sports and INOC-Charter as well as generating funds for all Non-Olympic Sports, which are the members of International Non-Olympic Committee-INOC and National Non-Olympic Committee-NNOCs further funds for its International Sports Federations and National Sports Federations, which shall manage through INOC and NNOCs of their respective country.

BREAKING NEWS : IYC President Dr. Mohammad Seraj ANSARI Rector of INOU & President of INOC has awarded "Golden European Award For Quality & Business Prestige-2016, by WORLD BUSINESS ASSEMBLY, SPAIN.

Lucknow, India, Dr. Mohammad Seraj ANSARI Rector of International Non-Olympic University-INOU, Founder & President of International Non-olympic Committee-INOC has awarded "Golden European Award For Quality & Business Prestige-2016, by WORLD BUSINESS ASSEMBLY, SPAIN.

After preliminary research conducted by the World Business Assembly analytic centers, than WBA has chosen Dr. Mohammad Seraj ANSARI to receive the "Golden European Award for Quality and Business Prestige-2016" for outstanding business achievements by the "International Aristotle Committee". The following criteria have been used for the decision-making process: innovation, competitiveness, effective personnel management, profit increase, completion and support of charity projects.

BREAKING NEWS : IYC General Secretary Dr.Thiyagu Nagaraj has elected Active Member of UIA, Belgium in 2013.

The The Union of International Associations -UIA, Belgium has officially confirmed that the General Assembly of 13 December 2013, has elected Prof. Thiyagu Nagaraj Director General-International Non-Olympic University-INOU as an "Active Member".

The Active Member of The Union of International Associations -UIA can take part in the direction and management of the organization, and have the right to vote at the General Assembly.

Dr. Mohammad Seraj ANSARI has congratulated to Prof. Thiyagu Nagaraj and Dr. ANSARI has expressed that this is also a great achievement of International Non-Olympic University which has got representation into world biggest organization.

The INOC has recognized Yoga as Non-Olympic sports discipline.